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Welcome to Plan B Natural Health - your Homeopath in Birchington, Kent

Thank you for visiting my website.

Plan B Natural Health has been established to provide practical, natural solutions to your health challenges. It has grown out of my 20-year career in complementary health - which shows no signs of abating - in London, Orpington and Whitstable. I have recently relocated to the lovely coastal village of Birchington, Kent to specialise in Homeopathy, the benefits of which I look forward to sharing with my local community and the Thanet region.

Plan B Natural Health is ideally located for those living in Thanet, Kent to include Westgate, Broadstairs, Margate, St Nicholas and surrounding villages. Homeopathy and Nutrition work beautifully together to help manage and reduce the scale of health challenges for the people of Thanet. I also continue to consult with patients from Herne Bay, Beltinge, Whitstable and Canterbury. But don't worry if you don't live in the area - I can consult with you via Skype (read more here).

The practice room is bright, quiet and private, providing a safe and pleasant space for you to share your story. Parking is available or, if you're using public transport, the clinic is a 5 minute walk from the Birchington train station or is served by regular bus routes 34, 38 and 8.

Here's a few reasons why Plan B might interest you:-

  • You are looking for a Homeopath in Thanet;
  • You want to explore other ways to treat your health problems;
  • You would like help with the side effects of your medication;
  • Perhaps you're looking to address your diet - I offer nutrition advice in Kent;
  • You are Spanish and would like to see a Homeopath in Thanet. I will help you - as far as possible - in your language;
  • You're a student (or qualified) Homeopath looking for a mentor.

    Are you wondering if Homeopathy can help you? For more information , see what I've helped others with

  • What's different about the Plan B approach?

    I believe in an integrated approach to health - that the 'one size fits all' approach as broadly followed in the Western World - has its limitations. Whilst we live longer, it comes with a price tag: often a reduced quality of life with chronic, degenerative and terminal illnesses. Equally, I believe that conventional medicine has it's place - I wouldn't want to be without it in an emergency. Diagnostics play a role in defining what the problem is and surgical advances are truly staggering. I do, though, think the NHS - and its patients - would benefit from the collective experience and wisdom of traditional and complementary therapies. Such a collaboration would save the NHS time, money and resources which could be reinvested elsewhere. The march of chronic, degenerative and terminal illness will continue if it keeps doing what it's doing. I think a fresh perspective is long overdue.

    The Plan B approach brings with it over 20 years of training in complementary medicine, to include Massage, Homoeopathy, Natural Nutrition and Stress Management. In addition, I have great respect for the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in particular the Five Elements, the combination of which help me interpret your case through a different lens. I also use herbs, flower remedies, tissue salts and naturopathic techniques to support patients on their journey to health.

    You don't have to be sick to benefit from Plan B's knowhow. If you are well and want to maintain good health then Homeopathy and Nutrition are the perfect investment in yourself - you know you're worth it!

    NEW!! Homeopathic 1st Aid Clinic/Drop In Clinic

    In preparation for the return to school and the cough, cold, flu season, I have set up a drop in clinic for busy parents and children with straightforward first aid problems.

    This is ideal for those who'd rather try something other than antibiotics for every little complaint that occurs. We are all too aware of how overprescribed antibiotics have become. I think we should save antibiotics for when we really need them or pay a very high price further down the line (e.g. for antibiotic resistance).read more here

    So, if you or a loved one has a simple cough, cold, sore throat, flu, earache, mouth ulcers, cuts, bites , bumps or bruises, etc., why not bring them along and see how Homeopathy can help on a therapeutic level? Of course, I do not advocate that the advice of a GP should be replaced and, as a responsible practitioner, I would refer where necessary if I suspect something needs to be explored further.

    My cost is £10 for 30 minutes - little more than a prescription item, to include homoeopathic remedies.
    Afternoons only - 4pm onwards. Please contact me to check my availability

    NB: The drop-in clinic does not replace the full consultation which takes longer as it explores your full medical history and is important if you have a chronic or degenerative long term condition.

    Begin your journey to wellness today.
    Felicia Foster, BSc (Hons, Hom), LCHE, LCPH (MARH)

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