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Homeopathy in Birchington and Thanet

Plan B Natural Health provides practical, natural solutions to your health challenges. It has grown out of my 20+ year career in Homeopathy. I now practice in the coastal towns of Birchington, Margate and Herne Bay and combine natural nutrition advice with Homeopathy - we are, after all, what we eat.

Plan B Natural Health is ideally located for those living in Thanet, to include Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Westgate and surrounding villages. I also see patients from Sandwich, Minster and Dover and the wider Kent area. I also practice occasionally in Herne Bay,. My practice room is in Birchington and is bright, quiet and private, providing a safe and pleasant space for you to share your story. Parking is available or, if you're using public transport, the clinic is a 5 minute walk from the Birchington train station or is served by regular bus routes 34, 38 and 8. If Margate is easier for you, the. Hawley Health Centre may be more suitable. Alternatively, I can see you at Herne Bay.

Here's a few reasons why Homeopathy might interest you:-

  • You want a different perspective on your health concerns
  • You would like help with the side effects of your medication
  • You are Spanish and would like to see a Homeopath. I will help you - as far as possible - in your language
  • You're a student (or qualified) Homeopath looking for a mentor.

    Want to know how Homeopathy can help you? For more information , see what I've helped others with

  • Coronavirus: response from the UK Homeopathic Community

    As the world focusses on the Coronavirus outbreak, now referred to as pandemic, I thought I'd write a few words.
    Coronavirus has been with us for years. It is responsible for 2/3rds of colds and flu.
    Covid-19 refers to the newest presentation of coronavirus which is proving to be quite virulent.
    It has a particular affect on the respiratory system.
    The official advice relates to hygiene measures and self-isolation which I think is very sensible.

    The majority (95%) are predicted to experience mild, flu symptoms which will pass with rest and most of these people are recovering relatively quickly
    Complications occur in those with underlying health problems so improving your immunity is the best defence.
    How? (read more ...)

    Why not use Homeopathy to boost your immune system and treat the symptoms of coughs, cold and viral flu?
    Are you worried, anxious, fearful, not sleeping, having panic attacks about the impact of Coronavirus?
    While Homeopathy doesn't treat named conditions, it does treat individuals and your particular symptoms
    If you have flu-like symptoms, a persistent cough, breathing problems, Homeopathy has an array of remedies to help.
    I offer a VIRTUAL ACUTE CLINIC for little more than a prescription charge - £10 for 30 minutes
    We can Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp Videocall
    And Homeopathy has an excellent track record in epidemics (click here) so, KEEP CALM and use Homeopathy!
    (Source: Robin Murphy ND)

    To read the official response from the UK homeopathy community, (click here)
    Source: Alliance of Registered Homeopaths / 4Homeopathy

    For a slightly different perspective on the current outbreak(click here).

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    What's different about Homeopathy?

    After seeing a Homeopathy, your treatment will differ from conventional prescriptions. I prescribe remedies on a relatively short term basis. One (not the only) principles of Homeopathy is that of minimum dose meaning homeopathic remedies do not need to be repeated long term. I believe that less is more, and that the success of any treatment modality should be judged by how often you need to repeat it. With over 20 years' education and experience in natural health therapies, I can interpret your case through a different lens meaning I am not limited to one approach, making even complex cases accessible.

    One size does not fit all. I believe in an integrated approach to health - that the 'one size fits all' approach as broadly followed in the Western World - has its limitations. Whilst we live longer, it comes with a price tag: long term medication, often a reduced quality of life with chronic, degenerative and, increasingly, autoimmune illnesses. Equally, I believe that conventional medicine has it's place - I wouldn't want to be without it in an emergency. I do, though, think the NHS - and its patients - would benefit from the collective experience and wisdom of traditional and complementary therapies. Such a collaboration would save our critically ill NHS time, money and resources. I think a fresh perspective is long overdue. To quote the late, great Einstein, "...insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

    Begin your journey to wellness today ...
    Felicia Foster, BSc (Hons, Hom), LCHE, LCPH (MARH)

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