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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that gently stimulates your body to heal itself. Remedies act as a catalyst, working with your body. To help explain this: conventional medication enforces change on your body whereas remedies remind your body what it can do better.

Homeopathy treats the whole person rather than just the parts that don't work. There is no specialist for this and that particular part or system of the body - just one person that takes a holistic view of you and your particular conditions. It is a completely different way of viewing health. Indeed, medical science is more the study of pathology and defeating the perceived pathogen with increasingly powerful methods. Having evaluated your case, I prescribe a remedy that has been proven to produce - in healthy people - symptoms similar to those experienced by you. This approach works with you, accepting that your body always does the best it can. Remedies work to gently clarify - and address - your current obstacle(s) to health. Often, your susceptibility (the underlying predisposition) is identified and treated to provide you with a longer-term solution versus the 'quick (temporary) fix.'

Homeopathy: a medicine for the 21st Century
The concept of Homeopathy was known in the days of Paracelsus but it was Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a brilliant and respected German medic, that tested and formulated the system practised today. His findings - over 200 years ago - are as relevant today as they were then. The three principles of Homeopathy (similarity; individuality and minimum dose) have not changed: what worked then works now, whereas medical opinions, advice and treatments are constantly revised. Should the effectiveness of a medicine not be judged by how often it needs to be repeated? Homeopathy is adaptable and it is this flexibility that makes modern day maladies treatable.

And in case we needed reminding, the rise of antibiotic resistance is fact. Bugs mutate - they want to survive too - and conventional medicine's weapons of choice are failing. The concluding sentence of this major risk assessment, undertaken to inform the UK's antimicrobial resistance strategy, states, "...this risk assessment reinforces the need for urgent national and international action to tackle antibiotic resistance." [Carter et al, Antibiotics 2017, 6(1), 9; doi:10.3390/antibiotics6010009; published March 2017] I suggest it's time for conventional medicine to recruit help from outside of the realm of medical science.Read all about it ...

Is it safe?
Homeopathic remedies contain minimal amounts of the original substance which are then 'potentised', i.e. diluted and succussed. This triple-process captures the remedies' therapeutic properties and ensures they are devoid of toxic effects.

Homeopathy can be taken alongside conventional medicine. Indeed, many patients use Homeopathy to minimise side effects of their conventional medication.

Homeopathy was recently accepted as a viable alternative to conventional medicine by the House of Lords Committee for Complementary Medicines. Indeed, the Royal Family and many celebrities use Homeopathy yet widespread acceptance remains in its infancy, not helped by consistent negative media coverage. It has recently been integrated into the Swiss public health programme.

How can it help me?
Homeopathy is used by many people worldwide for first aid, acute, chronic and degenerative conditions. Increasingly, people choose to keep a homeopathic first aid kit at home for everyday ailments (bumps, bruises, digestive, pre/post op, coughs, colds & flu, etc). With a little bit of knowledge (workshops to follow soon!) you can treat your family and friends with Homeopathy - why not start using safe, cost-effective healthcare for all the family?

Here's a list of some of the conditions I've helped patients with over the years. click here

Please note that Homeopathy should not replace appropriate diagnosis and/or emergency care.

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Hot off the Press!

But isn't it just placebo?
Despite what the Media report, this statement is quite simply untrue. Babies and animals respond to homeopathic treatment beautifully and know nothing of the placebo effect. What is hotly debated is how Homeopathy works. This is a question being researched by world-class scientists and a credible answer is forthcoming. Meanwhile, please see some of the published evidence about Homeopathy here. And listen to the late Dr Peter Fisher, Head of Research at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (formerly Royal London Homeopathic Hospital - which had to change its name to remain funded by the NHS!) Here he talks about the use of homeopathy in MRSA and antimicrobial resistance as well as some cutting edge research.Read more here

Hot off the Press!
You will no doubt have read in the national Press that the final blow has been cast for Homeopathy. To put the record straight, here's an update on what the actual case was about. The House of Lords was asked to consider whether or not the NHS conducted their consultation and subsequent court case (to abolish spending on Homeopathy - a mere £500,000 per year in an annual budget of £123+ billion!) legally or not. The British Homeopathy Association ("BHA") challenged the NHS and was overruled. Please note that the House of Lords did not consider whether Homeopathy is effective or not, is placebo, or any other much recycled argument against Homeopathy.

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